Outdoor Brand Campaign

MUD Jeans holds the distinction of being the world's first circular denim brand, having pioneered the concept of leasing jeans. In my role as a brand designer at MUD Jeans, I devised a campaign concept designed to promote the idea of leasing denim.

Core concept and idea 📝

  1. Because MUD Jeans is the pioneer in introducing the concept of leasing jeans, my goal was to create a message that emphasizes this innovation while keeping the consumer at the forefront.

  2. Highlighting the competitive advantage of our leasing system, the pricing aspect becomes a pivotal component of our campaign.

  3. With the intention of reaching individuals in an out-of-home (OOH) environment such as bus shelters or street posters, I aimed to ensure that the campaign was straightforward, impactful, and rapidly conveyed its message.

Taking into account the aforementioned criteria, I presented initial iterations of the concept I aimed to communicate ↓

Incorporating feedback received from the initial concept presentations, I crafted the final visual concept.

I developed a distinctive element inspired by the imagery of a wave. The intention behind this was to capture the sense of momentum and liberation that customers experience when they choose to lease jeans instead of buying.

I further the explored concept and created various iterations that not only highlighted the core idea but also showcased the product and its details

I expanded upon the concept to show how it could be implemented as a point-of-sale (POS) display in stores where MUD Jeans are available for lease

Conclusions ✅

  1. Thanks to the clean visual design and the incorporation of a signature graphic element, this campaign will have high outdoor visibility and instant recognizability.

  2. The strategic arrangement of limited information ensures that the advertisements will be easily noticed by people as they pass by.

Ayush Singh

2023 ©

Ayush Singh

2023 ©

Ayush Singh

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