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/ Design & Media

I like creating brands and products that connect with people. My clear understanding of brands and consumers helps me to create and manage products that are relatable and make a lasting impact. Principles of sustainability and circularity are the driving factors for me.

I combine visuals with practical design. I’m a trained art developer and marketeer and I have a vast knowledge of the digital landscape. I know exactly how to execute a project to the most brilliant results possible. My idea of a great design combines a viewer centered approach with a minimal and appealing visual language.

Ayush Singh Denim Jacket
Ayush Singh Fashion Research

/ Research

I also stay updated with the most recent market and industry trends through my research and analysis on various subjects within the industry. I believe that the best way to improve a product or a brand is by the ability to measure performance and analysing the metrics.

/ people & projects

I have had the opportunity to work directly with the great folks from different industries and from different parts of the world. This has also enabled to quickly adapt to multi-cultural environments and teams in order to produce best results possible. I enjoy working independently as well as within diverse structured teams.

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Industry Experience Years
Ayush Singh Asymmetrical Robe
Ayush Singh Artwork 2018

/ about me


I’m a multi-disciplinary individual with a unique blend of management skills and design understanding which allows me to bridge disciplines within the industry and push boundaries. I have a clear understanding of design, innovation & business management which enables me to quickly adapt to new challenges. I enjoy getting involved in the whole process, starting from ideation and conceptualising ideas to managing and driving the business.

/ Skills

Design & Media
Brand Management
Communications & Marketing

/ what i’m really good at

  • Design

    Designing digital, print media and wearable products.

  • Branding

    Brand and media management.

  • Marketing

    Telling stories and understanding consumer behaviour.

/ get in touch

Paris, France

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+(33) 767864193                 [email protected]

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