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As a fashion designer, I like creating experiences over the top that amaze people. I have a clear understanding of practical fashion, innovation & wearability. I like to strengthen my knowledge of current trends, colours, technical textiles through travel, research and product usage. I specialize in menswear and denim design & development.


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I combine visuals with practical design. I’m a self trained art developer and I have a vast knowledge of the digital landscape, and know exactly how to execute a project to the most brilliant results possible. My idea of a great design combines a viewer centered approach with a minimal and appealing visual language.

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Exploring, Always.

I have had the honor to work directly with the great folks from different industries. I am able to quickly adapt to new challenges. Being quite hands-on, I enjoy getting involved in the whole process, starting from ideation and conceptualizing to designing, sampling, to testing and shipping the ideas. My ideal work environment consists of a collaborative multidisciplinary team, that shares my interests.

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I’m a multi-disciplinary designer based in Paris, A graduate in Fashion & Apparel Design from National Institute Of Fashion Technology, India.

I have an excellent blend of design skills, technical knowledge and a strong aesthetic sense. My background in fashion and visual arts allows me to bridge disciplines and push boundaries to create things that stand out of the ordinary.

Currently engaged with Biennale de Paris.

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Visual Arts
All Things Unnecessary

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  • Anonymous

    Ayush and I worked together for around two years. In that time, I was always impressed by his ability to take many more vacation and personal days than were allotted. For example, he went out of town for three weeks this past month, and called in sick every other week. All in all, he’s a real wizard at staying employed.

  • Unidentified

    How can I sum up Ayush in just one paragraph? I can’t, because he will probably rewrite it. A brilliant designer and leader of team anxiety, he never met a project he didn’t want to take over. Ayush has inspired thousands of eye rolls during his time here, and anybody that’s going to work with him deserves to be warned in advance.

  • Unnamed

    Ayush excels at being glued to his laptop and challenging the company dress code, but engaging in small talk at company parties and other awkward get-togethers is where he truly shines. From Brooklyn Nine-Nine to G-Eazy, Ayush is able to juggle pop-culture references on a consistent basis.

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Paris, France.

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+(33) 767864193                 [email protected]

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